Oats Vilayichatu

A healthy recipe variant of Oats, fried and sweetened with jiggery (palm sugar) to make it more attractive to children. The inspiration of this recipe is from the recipe “Aval Vilayichathu” which is a traditional snack dish from Kerala cuisines, prepared with aval (rice flakes).


  1. Oats                   : 5 Cups
  2. Jaggery            : 3 Cups (adjust)
  3. Coconut           : 3 Cups
  4. Water               : 1 Cup
  5. Cardamom powder  : 1/2 T sp

For seasoning :

  1. Ghee                 : 2.5 Tbl sp
  2. Cashews          : 1/4 Cup
  3. Raisins             : 1/4 Cup
  4. Splitted daliya : 1/4 Cup


  • In a kadai/ pan dry roast the oats for about 6 minutes in medium heat. Stir it continuously to avoid burning.
  • Take it out and keep it in a plate for cooling.
  • In a sauce pan add the jaggery with water and boil it until melted completely. Then filter and keep it for later.
  • Same pan, add the coconut and roast it for about 4 minutes (no need to brown the coconut ).
  • Then add the jaggery syrup into the coconut and boil it well.
  • Add the roasted oats and mix it well to coat all the jaggery syrup onto the oats.
  • Once all the water evaporates and the syrup coated completely into the oats, switch off the stove.
  • In a small pan add the ghee and fry the ingredients for seasoning
  • Add it to the oats along with cardamom powder , and mix it properly to get all the even.

– I made it as a medium sweet, jaggery quantity can be adjusted to your taste.
– If you make it as a diet food , 2- 3 cup of jaggery is enough. But can add more cups for more taste.


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