Chuttaracha chammanthi  (തേങ്ങാ ചുട്ടരച്ച ചമ്മന്തി) was one my favorite accompaniments for rice during my childhood and used to be a regular side dish in my lunch box for years. As the name indicates, this form of coconut chutney is prepared traditionally by toasting the ingredients in charcoal flame and grinding it in manual rock grinders (അരക്കല്ല്).


  1. Coconut : 1
  2. Dried red chilli : 12 (Adjust)
  3. Pearl onion : 2
  4. Curry leaves
  5. Salt for taste
  6. Tamarind : small lemon size(Adjust)


  • Cut the coconut into medium size slices.
  • In a chappathi grill (net type grill using for making chapatti in the flame) keep the coconut in a single layer and keep it directly to medium flame.
  • Toast the coconut till the coconut is slightly burned. Flip it in between with the help of a tong to toast all sides.
  • Once it’s done, take it out and toast the pearl onion until it is slightly burned and soft.
  • Now toast the red chillies until lightly burned.
  • Finally keep the curry leaves in a low flame for a second and keep it aside.
  • Wait for everything cool completely.
  • In a mixer, add all the toasted ingredients along with salt and tamarind, and grind it .
  • Normally won’t add any water for grinding the chutney, if you feel any difficulty to grind sprinkle some water and coarse grind it and make a thick mixture.


Tips: –

  • If your mixer jar is small to accommodate entire mix, grind the chutney in 2-3 turns, keep everything in a bowl and mix it with your hands.
  • Before keeping red chilly to the flame you may lightly apply some coconut oil into the chilly for avoiding the sharp smell of the chilli and hence sneezing.





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