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On 4 June, 2017 By

Here is an easy way to prepare Palpayasam (പാൽപായസം), a Kerala desert dish. Palpayasam is typically served with Sadya (Traditional Kerala Feast) along with Boli towards the end of the Sadya course. The taste & combination here is similar to that of the Ambalappuzha temple Palpayasam preparation, which is very famous […]

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Kerala is well known for its fish consumption hence the preparation methods for fish dishes also is plenty. One can see variety of preparation methods south to north and east to west, which differ by ingredients and cooking styles. Chakkakkuru (jack fruit seed) Chemmen preparation is a very traditional fish curry […]

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Typical bakery snacks & cakes are prepared with polished wheat (all-purpose flour) hence is not very healthy. Whole wheat alternatives of many such dishes will not taste as great as its original version.  This time I share a tasty and healthy cake preparation, using whole wheat blended with grated carrot. I […]

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On 26 April, 2017 By

Pacha moru /Sambharam (സംഭാരം) is spiced buttermilk, an ultimate body cooler and thirst killer for the summer season on a hot sunny day. Even though there is no need for an elaborate recipe to explain, the preparation is very special for the authentic taste and satisfaction. The perfect combination of spices […]

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Mutta Masala Puttu

On 26 March, 2017 By

Puttu, is a traditional breakfast dish prepared by steam cooking rice flour along with grated coconut. Verieties of puttu preparation is becoming a trend in Kerala Cuisine from street side restaurants to Star Hotels. I have a few Puttu reicipies shared in my previous blogs.  Here I share my own version […]

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Chicken Mezhukkupuratty

On 15 February, 2017 By

Mezhukkupuratti is a delicious oily stir fry recipe from Kerala, typically prepared with vegetables such as Ladies Finger, Long Beans or Raw Banana. In this recipe I gave a non-vegetation touch to the Mezhukkupuratti preparation using chicken instead of vegetable, along with the traditional ingredients- spices, sliced onions and green chilies.

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Taste of Gods Own Country

The cuisine of Kerala is linked in all its richness to the land’s history, geography & culture. It has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and meat, which differentiate Kerala from rest of the main land.

Festival Dishes

Festival time is the time to simulate taste buds! It has no limitation on geographical or religious. Here is my recipe collection on the festival dishes. It’s a few now, but I will make sure to improve on the collections soon …..

Healthy Diet Kitchen

A healthy living starts from the Kitchen… For my kitchen I try to make my recipes suitable for a better diet way of eating, unless otherwise noted.

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