Aval Milk


Here is a great way to feed kids (also elders!) a nutritious balanced diet drink. Aval-milk is a milk based drink recipe with well ripped plantains (banana fruit) smashed and added with aval (അവൽ/ rice flakes), jaggery and some garnishings. The aval milk is a wonderful delight to be served chilled on a hot summer day.

For 1 Serving


  1. Aval (rice flakes/ flattened rice) : ¼ Cup
  2. Milk (chilled)  :  1 Cup
  3. Ripped Banana( medium) :  1
  4. Nuts (any kind)
  5. Vanilla essence : ½ T-sp
  6. Jaggery  : 2 T-sp
  7. Tutti fruitti /dry fruits (for garnishing)


  • Smash the banana well.
  • Dry roast the aval until it become crispy.
  • Chop nuts .
  • Add jiggery and vanilla essence into the milk and mix it with a spoon.
  • In a serving glass, add the smashed banana and then pour the milk followed with aval and nuts.
  • Garnish it with tutty fruity or any kind of dried fruits.


Instead of jaggery, may use sugar.

Mix with a spoon while drinking


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