p2s-vEGKurumaVegetable Kuruma ( Korma) is the typical accompaniment with Chapati and sometimes even with Poori or Idiappam. Multiple variants of this side dish are common in south Indian cuisines, from state-to-state. The recipe I share here is of a customized healthy version of the Veg- Kuruma, using less oil and coconut. One can always increase the quantity of coconut and oil to make it richer.


  1. Sliced Onion( small)      :  1
  2. Chopped ginger           : 1 T sp.
  3. Garlic paste      : 1 T sp.
  4. Green chilly (Split)         :  2
  5. Carrot  (Small)  :  1
  6. Green beans     : 10
  7. Capsicum  (Small ).       :  1
  8. Potato (Small)   :  1
  9. Cauliflower florets         : 1 C
  10. Tomato ( small)            :   ½
  11. Garam masala  : less than ¼ T sp.
  12. Salt for taste

For grinding:-

  1. Coconut           : 2 Tbl sp.
  2. Pepper cones   : 1/4  T sp.
  3. Almonds           : 15

For seasoning:-

  1. Oil        : 1 ½ T sp.
  2. Mustard seeds  : ½ T sp.
  3. Dried chilly       :  2
  4. Curry leaves      : 2 sprigs



  • Dry roast the grinding ingredients till the coconut became slightly brown in color.
  • Grind it with enough water in to a smooth paste.
  • In a pressure cooker pour the oil and add the mustard seeds , let it splutter
  • Add the red chillies , curry leaves and wait for a few seconds
  • Then add the onion along with ginger, garlic and green chillies.
  • Add enough salt and fry till the onions became translucent
  • Add the tomato and fry it until the tomato is smushy.
  • Add the vegetables and stir it for about 2 minutes.
  • Then add the ground paste along with 2 cups of water, close the pressure cooker and cook it until 2 whistles.
  • Open the pressure cooker after pressure is fully released.
  • Add the garam-masala and mix it properly.




  • Can add more coconut for getting rich taste.
  • Coconut oil will give a better aroma more taste.
  • It’s a healthy version of dish from my kitchen, so I used less oil and coconut. Can increase the quantity of coconut and oil.

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