sugarcane juice
Sugarcane (Karimbu) Juice is quite a popular drink in India, especially during the harsh summer season. During summer, you can see many customized preparation of the juice in roadside shops, using hand operated machines to extract the juice mixed with traditional spices like lemon & mint leaves, to list a few. It’s not because of the abundance of sugarcane in the country, rather it’s one of the healthiest drinks. The list of nutrients in sugarcane will definitely put a lot of natural and artificial energy drinks to the back seat.


  1. Sugar cane : ~ 1 ft
  2. Lemon(small) :  ½
  3. Ginger : ½ inch
  4. Mint (optional) : 2 leaves
  5. Sugar (optional) to taste
  6. Water  : 1 ¼ cup


  • Remove the skin of the sugarcane and cut it into small pieces.
  • In a blender/ mixie put the sugar cane pieces, ginger and mint.
  • Add the water and make it as a paste ( add 1/4 cup water first and grind it first, then add more water and grind it).
  • Filter the juice using a strainer / cloth.
  • Check the sweet, if you want more sweet then add enough sugar and add the lemon juice.
  • Wash the blender/ mixie and add the juice into that and blend it for another 1 or 2seconds.

Use ice water/ ice cubes for blending.


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