Pacha moru /Sambharam (സംഭാരം) is spiced buttermilk, an ultimate body cooler and thirst killer for the summer season on a hot sunny day. Even though there is no need for an elaborate recipe to explain, the preparation is very special for the authentic taste and satisfaction. The perfect combination of spices makes this drink a favorite for all age groups.Ingredients

  1. Yogrt /Curd : 2 Cups
  2. Ginger : ½ inch
  3. Green chilly : 3
  4. Pearl onion : 2
  5. Curry leaves :1 sprig
  6. Water : ~1 ½  Cup
  7. Salt for taste


  • Chop the ginger, green chili, pearl onion and curry leaves in small pieces. Then crush it in a mortar (I got 2.5 Tbl- Sp all together).


  • In a blender, add the yogurt and blend it to a smooth texture.
  • Combine the yogurt with the water, crushed ingredients and salt.
  • Mix it well and serve chilled.


  • I used homemade yogurt for my buttermilk, can use store brought yogurt intead.
  • Adjust the water quantity for your preference/taste.
  • The sour yogurt will give the sambharam better taste.
  • You can either chop the ingredients/ crush it. I normally chop into small pieces and then crush it for better blending of spices.

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