Salmon packed with omega-3s and protein is an excellent healthy food option for sea food lovers. Salmon generally is not considered as fish variety for traditional Indian style curry. But still are some ways to prepare to taste great in gravy. Given here is method Salmon curry can be prepared, in Kerala mulaku-puli curry style.  The curry will taste excellent if you can allow 8-12 hours in room temperature after preparation.

  1. Salmon cut to cubes   : 1 kg
  2. Chilli powder : 4 Tbl-sp (adjust)
  3. Fenugreek powder : 1 pinch
  4. Pearl Onion (chopped) : 3 nos.
  5. Garlic gloves   : 8
  6. Ginger     : ½ inch
  7. Curry leaves    : 3 sprigs
  8. Oil  : 1 tbl-sp
  9. Salt to taste.

  • Dry roast the chilli and fenugreek powder. & Make it as a paste with enough water.
  • Crush the ginger and garlic
  • In a pan or earthen pot pour the oil
  • Saute the chopped onion, until it is translucent
  • Add the crushed ginger and garlic
  • Fry it till the color turn brown
  • Add the masala paste and fry it for 3-4 minutes (until the oil separates masala)
  • Pour one cup of water ,   the soaked  kudampuli ( gamboge) along with salt
  • Allow the mix to Boil
    This is the time for tasting the sourness, then u can add or remove the kudampuli according to taste.
  • Add the fish and curry leaves and allow it to boil
  • Once boiled,  reduce the flame and close the lid
  • Wait for another 12 to 14 minutes
  • Remove from the stove




Tips- If you are not in a hurry to serve the curry, leave it for 10- 12 hours (or overnight)at room temperature. This is going to give better taste, than using immediately.



4 Responses to Salmon curry- Kerala style

  1. Reenu says:

    Excellent !!!

  2. Subin says:

    Luv the idea. I would try this soon

  3. S. Nair says:

    Great recipe

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