Oratti (ഒറട്ടി)is a South Indian flat bread, typically Kerala, made of rice or wheat flour. The preparation is pretty similar to that of Pathiri (അരി പത്തിരി) a delicious Muslim bread, less grated coconut. In this recipe I used wheat flour to make Oratti.


  1. Wheat flour  : 2 Cups
  2. Grated Coconut : 1.5 Cup
  3. Hot water  : 1 Cup
  4. Jeera powder  : A pinch
  5. Salt for taste
  6. Oil for sprinkling


  • In a bowl, add the wheat flour along with jeera powder, salt and coconut. Mix all together adding hot water little at a time and make a sticky dough .
  • Divide into 7 equal parts
  • Keep some water in a bowl and keep it aside.
  • Heat a pan/ dosa-pan, apply some oil on the pan and keep one portion of dough in the center of the pan. Dip the fingers into the water and spread the dough into a thick bread (oratti).
  • Spread some oil into the sides of the oratti and flip it .
  • Cook it until both sides are slightly turned brown.


– Water quantity may vary. The dough should soft and sticky.
– Can adjust coconut , 1.5 cup of coconut ideal .
– Serve it hot.


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