Jigarthanda (meaning “cool heart” in Hindi) is a Tamil beverage specifically to Madurai region. It is very commonly served by roadside shops as chilling refreshment during summer season. The traditional recipe uses jelly made out of agar-agar (also known as china grass) in cold syrup prepared out of milk, rose water, sugar. It is typically served with a scoop of ice cream on top. In this recipe here, I used strawberry juice as an alternative to rose water.

For 2 Servings


  1. Milk : 3 cups
  2. Sugar  : 3 Tbl sp

For jelly

  1. Agar agar (China Grass) stick :  5 gm
  2. Sugar : 3 Tbl sp.
  3. Water  :  1 ¼ cup
  4. Vanilla essence  : ¼ T sp.

For juice

  1. Strawberry  : 15
  2. Sugar  :  2Tbl sp.


Start with making the jelly as it takes longer (~ 90 min)

  • In a bowl soak the agar agar with the 1 ¼ cup of water and leave for about half hour.
  • Then add the sugar and boil the mix until it dissolved completely
  • Add the vanilla essence and mix it.
  • Switch off the stove, pour the mix in a bowl/mold and allow it to cool completely and then keep it in the fridge for setting the jelly (~ 90 min).
  • In a blender/ mixie add the strawberry and sugar, grind it into a smooth paste (without water) and keep it into the fridge ( I got 1.5 cup juice).
  • Once the jelly is set, cut it into small pieces.
  • Mix the sugar and milk together.
  • In a glass add the jelly pieces and pour ¼ cup of strawberry juice followed by  ½  cup of milk, repeat this until your glass fill completely.
  • Finally add a scoop of ice cream with your choice.
Jelly from "Agar Agar"

Jelly from “Agar Agar”


  • Quantity of sugar can be increased according to taste ( I kept it as minimum).
  • If you are not getting agar-agar, can use jelly packet and prepare it with the instructions of the packet.



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