Iru puli Kuzhambu

“Iru Puli Kizhambu” is a typical Tamil Brahmin Recipe, using both butter milk and tamarind. The mix of these two sour (puli) tasting ingredients in this recipe gets its name.  It’s tangy gravy with a mix of spice goes very well with rice, especially for sour loving people. There are many ways of making iru puli kuzhambu and the one which I used routinely is given below.


  1. Brinjal (Egg Plant)  : 15
  2. Green chilli   : 2
  3. Yogurt   : 2 Cups
  4. Hing/ asfoetida      : A pinch

For grinding:-

  1. Grated coconut : 1 Cup
  2. Coriander powder     : 2 T sp.
  3. Chilli powder  : 4 T sp.
  4. Turmeric powder      : ¼ T sp.
  5. Fenugreek seeds      : ¼ T sp.
  6. Tamarind : Gooseberry size

For seasoning :-

  1. Mustard seeds  : 1 T sp.
  2. Fenugreek seeds      : 5
  3. Curry leaves   : 2 sprigs
  4. Dried red chilly     : 3



  • Cut the brinjals in a cube shape (see figure).
  • Mix the yogurt into a smooth paste. (Don’t add water).
  • Cook the brinjals along with green chilly in a pan / kadai adding water that immerse brinjals.
  • Grind the grinding ingredients in a smooth paste.
  • Once the brinjals are cooked (takes about 10 min in medium flame),add the ground paste into the cooked brinjals ( don’t smashe the brinjal).
  • Let the entire mix boil for another 4-5 minutes or until the raw smells gone.
  • Reduce the flame to very low and pour the butter milk and keep on stirring.
  • Add the asfoetida and let it wait for another one minute and remove the pan from the fire.
  • Keep another kadai/pan on the stove and pour the oil and let it hot.
  • Add the mustard seeds along with fenugreek seeds allow it to splutter.
  • Add the red chilli and curry leaves.
  • Add the same into the cooked brinjal mix. 



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