Garlic is an important healthy ingredient to add a powerful vegetable’s spicy flavor, in most of the cuisines, including Indian, Mexican and Thai. Pasted garlic is a handy masala ingredient to make the cooking easier and faster. The problem with off-the-shelf garlic pastes are the unwanted preservatives added to keep it stay long in ordinary temperature.  If we can spend a little time to make a homemade version of it as described in this post, you can have healthy garlic paste that need only – garlic with oil, salt and turmeric powder!


  1. Garlic  : 1 kg.
  2. Oil        : 2Tbl sp.
  3. Salt       : 3 T sp.
  4. Turmeric powder    : 2 T sp.


  • Peel the garlic and rinse it in water.
  • Keep it in a colander for straining the water, after that keep it in a kitchen towel and spread it for drying. If you still see any water traces, wipe it with a towel.
  • Put the garlic, turmeric, salt and oil in a mixer and make a smooth paste, WITHOUT adding water.

(make sure to fill the less than half space of the mixer, So do it in batches)

  • Move the paste to a (dry) bowl.
  • Once all done, mix the garlic paste together using a dried spoon.
  • Store the paste in an airtight glass jar and keep refrigerated.


  • Always use clean dry spoon while handling the paste.
  • For longer storage, keep the garlic paste in small jars .Keep one jar in the fridge and the rest can be store in the freezer.
  • If refrigerated, the garlic paste can be used for  3-4 weeks.

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