I have a traditional fish cutlet recipe with Tuna, shared in one of my previous recipes here. This time it is with fried fish and I used Salmon for the preparation. The pan fried fish method gives extra taste and is a perfect snack option for non-veg lovers! Served with a spicy ketchup as a dip, it can be served even as a great one dish delight.


For frying: –

  1. Salmon                : 1Lb
  2. Turmeric powder : ¼ T –Sp
  3. Pepper powder : 1 Tbl- Sp
  4. Garam masala : ½ T-Sp
  5. Ginger –garlic paste : 1.5 T- Sp
  6. Salt for taste
  7. Oil for frying

For masala: –

  1. Onion : 2 (Big)
  2. Ginger paste : 1 Tbl -Sp
  3. Garlic paste : 1 ½ Tbl- Sp
  4. Chopped green chilli : 5 (Adjust)
  5. Pepper powder                : 1.5 T- Sp (Adjust)
  6. Turmeric powder : ¼ T- Sp
  7. Garam masala : ½ T-Sp
  8. Salt for taste
  9. Oil : 1 ½ Tbl- Sp
  10. Finely chopped curry leaves
  11. Boiled potatoes : 3 (Medium)

For dipping and coating: –

  1. Egg : 2
  2. Bread crumbs : 1 ½ – 2 Cup
  3. Corn flour : ½ T- Sp
  4. Rice flour : ½ T- Sp


  • Marinate the fish with the ingredients mentioned for frying (except oil). Keep it in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
  • Shallow fry the fish on both sides, don’t deep fry/ crispy, but should be well cook and soft.
  • Mince the fish with hands and keep it aside.
  • I used salmon fillet, if you are using salmon with bone, fry it debone the fish and then mince it.
  • Heat oil in a pan and sauté the onion along with salt, ginger, garlic and green chilly; fry the onions until it becomes lightly brown.
  • Then add the pepper powder, turmeric powder and fry it for about 1 minute/ until raw smell goes.
  • Add the minced fish and fry it for about about 3 minutes.
  • Finally add the garam masala and curry leaves and mix it.
  • Now smash the potatoes with hands / potato smasher. smashing level is completely a personal choice, some like little chunks in their cutlet, some like to smash completely.
  • Take it out and keep it in a large bowl, then add the fish and knead it everything together.
  • Check the taste and salt, pepper and/or garam masala if needed. Can add more curry leaves if you like.
  • Shape all the fish mixture into desired shapes, make sure no cracks in the cutlet.
  • Mix the egg with rice flour and corn flour without any lumps (I usually blend all together in the mixer, so it will be very smooth).
  • Dip each cutlet into the egg mixture and then completely coat with bread crumbs.
  • Use both hands in the same time, one hand for dipping and other for coating.
  • Heat oil in a pan and fry the cutlets until golden brown.


Tips: –

  • Can use any type of thick fish (Salmon & tuna are the best options).
  • Adjust the quantity of potatoes, some may like more potatoes in their cutlet.
  • Make sure to finely chop the onion, chilly and curry leaves.
  • The mentioned egg and bread crumbs quantity are approximate.
  • Shape it without any cracks, otherwise it will break in the boiling oil.
  • Can add some bread crumbs while kneading, it will help to absorb any extra water content.

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