Egg Neyyappam

This is a surprise recipe from Pepper2Salt! .An accidental one since my “achappam” preparation gone flop because I didn’t give enough time to prepare the “Achu”. So I end up having the batter which I invested bunch of ingredients and a bit of my time and effort Any way towards the end, I got this wonderful puffy & light-sweet snack recipe which I am sharing right away. I guarantee you are going to like it……

For 15 to 20 pieces


  1. Rice flour : 3 cups
  2. Sugar        : 1/2 cup
  3. Egg            : 2 nos
  4. Coconut milk : 2 1/4cup
  5. Oil : For deep frying


  • In a bowl add the rice flour,sugar and coconut milk and mix it.
  • Beat the egg  in a separate container.
  • Mix the egg mix to the batter, mix well and set aside for about 30 minutes.(The final consistency should be slightly thicken than Dosa Batter)


  • Heat oil in a kadai/deep-bottom pan and pour one ladle of batter and fry it until light brown color .
  • Flip it and fry the other side also for the same color.
  • Take out the fried appam from the oil and keep it in a tissue paper  to drain extra oil out.



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