Gai-Lan commonly known as Chinese broccoli is a common vegetable dish you see in traditional Chinese restaurants. It is usually served with oyster sauce because the sweetness of the sauce complements the slight bitter taste of the leaves. Here in this recipe I have this really nutritious vegetable prepared in traditional Kerala cheera-thoran-style.  Although the stem of this vegetable is thick, it doesn’t take much time to cook once it is chopped fine, with cooking time less than ~ 5 minutes.


  1. Chinese broccoli (Kai-lan)    : 1 bunch
  2. Grated coconut    : ½ cup
  3. Chilli powder     : ½ T sp.
  4. Turmeric powder   : ¼ T sp.
  5. Garlic      : 3 cloves
  6. Oil   : 2 T sp.
  7. Mustard seeds     : ¼ T sp.
  8. Dried chilly      : 2
  9. Salt for taste

Chinese-Brocolli_2 Method

  • Mix the coconut along with the chilli and turmeric powder : May use a mixer and make a coarse mixture OR ELSE can mix everything with hands.
  • In a kadai/pan pour the oil and add the mustard seeds wait for it to splutter.
  • Add the dried chilli and fry it.
  • Add the finely chopped leaves along with the crushed garlic.
    Stir everything well and cook for ~2 minutes
  • Add the coconut mixture along with salt and stir it well.
  • Cook the leaves in a medium flame, No need to cover the pan for cooking. Cook until the mix become dry. Do not overcook the leaves



–   Remove the thick stem while chopping the leaves.

–   Quantity of ingredients may vary individual taste.

–   More coconut will give a good taste.

–   Typical cooking time is ~5 minutes.

–   The entire cooking no need for putting the lid


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