Chicken Mezhukkupuratti

Mezhukkupuratti is a delicious oily stir fry recipe from Kerala, typically prepared with vegetables such as Ladies Finger, Long Beans or Raw Banana. In this recipe I gave a non-vegetation touch to the Mezhukkupuratti preparation using chicken instead of vegetable, along with the traditional ingredients- spices, sliced onions and green chilies.


  1. Boneless skinless chicken : 2 Lbs
  2. Turmeric powder  :  ¼ T- sp
  3. Chilly powder         : 2 Tbl – Sp (Adjust)
  4. Sliced onions            : 2 (Medium)
  5. Sliced green chilly  : 5 (Adjust)
  6. Oil                                :   2 Tbl- Sp (Adjust)
  7. Salt for taste
  8. Curry leaves


  • Cut the chicken into stripes.
  • Heat 1Tbl- Sp of oil in a pan and add the chicken pieces along with turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt.
  • Stir it like any other mezhukkupuratty, no need for closing it with lid.
  • Don’t add any water, the chicken itself oozes some water.
  • Dry it until there is any excess water, then add the sliced onion and green chilly.
  • Check the salt and add if needed.
  • Add the rest of the ( 1 Tbl –Sp) oil and stir it until onions became translucent.
  • Finally, add the curry leaves and mix everything well.


Tips :

  • Use coconut oil for getting the mezhukkupuratty the authentic taste.
  • Normally mezhukkupuratty needs more oil, here I used minimum quantity.So feel free to add more oil for extra taste.



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