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Healthy Ladoo

On 21 May, 2016 By

A healthy snack/dessert dish option for sweet  lovers. Here is a recipe for Ladoo/Ladu/Laddu – from multiple grains and sweated with palm jaggery. It is a perfect choice for low-calorie snack for children and elders. Can be preserved in normal temperature for 3-4 days and for weeks in refrigerator. 

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Beef Cutlet

On 18 February, 2016 By

Cutlet dishes are excellent choice for one dish balanced meal. Variety of cutlet preparation can be seen in International cuisines. Beef cutlet is a very common delicacy from Kerala Cristian cuisines prepared for festival occasions and family gatherings. Served with ketchup, it is a perfect choice for starter in party occasions.

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Oats Vilayichatu 

On 30 January, 2016 By

A healthy recipe variant of Oats, fried and sweetened with jiggery (palm sugar) to make it more attractive to children. The inspiration of this recipe is from the recipe “Aval Vilayichathu” which is a traditional snack dish from Kerala cuisines, prepared with aval (rice flakes).

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Aval Laddu

On 18 January, 2016 By

A relatively easy laddu/ladu (ലഡ്ഡു) recipe, made of aval (അവൽ) /rice-flakes, still tasting to its name. These can quickly be prepared for serving for family gatherings and festivals.  It can be preserved in normal temperature for 3-4 days. Using jiggery (ശർക്കര) for sweetening makes these laddus a healthy snack option for […]

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Plantain chips (banana chips or banana wafers ) in various forms can be found in most of the tropical countries. This crispy snack is made either as sweet or salty and can be made of ripe or raw banana slices. The recipe here is the one followed typically in Kerala –  the salty […]

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Here is another traditional festival snack recipe known to be “Chakli”  in Hindi, which is a soft Murukku version prepared with “Boiled Urud Dal”. Unlike the traditional Murukku recipe the dough here is prepared with cooked and pasted Urud-Dal (ഉഴുന്ന്), which gives majority of the taste to it. The rice flour […]

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Taste of Gods Own Country

The cuisine of Kerala is linked in all its richness to the land’s history, geography & culture. It has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and meat, which differentiate Kerala from rest of the main land.

Festival Dishes

Festival time is the time to simulate taste buds! It has no limitation on geographical or religious. Here is my recipe collection on the festival dishes. It’s a few now, but I will make sure to improve on the collections soon …..

Healthy Diet Kitchen

A healthy living starts from the Kitchen… For my kitchen I try to make my recipes suitable for a better diet way of eating, unless otherwise noted.

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