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Avacado Smoothie

On 20 April, 2015 By

Smoothie recipes are an easy way to increase our intake of fruits and vegetables as well as help the nutrient quality of your diet.  Avocados are always a better choice for smoothies as it can add creaminess and consistency, same time giving the great benefit of nearly 20+ vitamins and nutrients. […]

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Rava Uppuma

On 31 January, 2015 By

Rava Upma (ഉപ്പുമാവ്) is one of the easiest breakfast dish that can be done without much of a preparation. The upuma will go well with a little sugar or banana or even with some crispy snack like murukku or kerala-mixture (typical in Tamil style) . Traditional Upuma preparation uses large quantity of […]

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On 25 January, 2015 By


Guacamole, is sort of an enrichment to my previous recipe avocado salad. This nutrient rich Mexican recipe is used as a dip for tortilla chips and is an add-on side dish for Mexican rice bowl. Guacamole is made from ripe avocados, a splash of acidity from lemon juice […]

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Butter Cookies

On 21 December, 2014 By

Butter Cookies commonly known as Nankhatai is the traditional Indian shortbread cookies or biscuits made with flour, sugar and ghee or butter. It is a popular sweet cum snack recipe which is equally liked by kids as well as elders. Nankhatai is popular as a tea time snack and is easily available in most bakery and […]

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Gai-Lan commonly known as Chinese broccoli is a common vegetable dish you see in traditional Chinese restaurants. It is usually served with oyster sauce because the sweetness of the sauce complements the slight bitter taste of the leaves. Here in this recipe I have this really nutritious vegetable prepared in traditional […]

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Rava Laddu

On 15 September, 2014 By

Here a Srikrishna Jayanthi special from my kitchen. This time a quick sweet snack prepared with rava (sooji), shredded coconut, sugar and ghee as its major ingredients. The preparation is pretty simple and the Laddu can be keep refrigerated if you want to use it for couple more days.

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Taste of Gods Own Country

The cuisine of Kerala is linked in all its richness to the land’s history, geography & culture. It has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and meat, which differentiate Kerala from rest of the main land.

Festival Dishes

Festival time is the time to simulate taste buds! It has no limitation on geographical or religious. Here is my recipe collection on the festival dishes. It’s a few now, but I will make sure to improve on the collections soon …..

Healthy Diet Kitchen

A healthy living starts from the Kitchen… For my kitchen I try to make my recipes suitable for a better diet way of eating, unless otherwise noted.

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