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Mango Lassi

On 14 February, 2017 By

The spring is fast approaching as well as the Mango season, appears to be the perfect time for a recipe using Mango Fruits. Mango Lassi is a yogurt based mango shake / smoothie that can be prepared very easily. We can use either canned mango pulp or cubed fresh or frozen mango.

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Banana Halwa

On 2 November, 2016 By

A fruit halwa recipe with banana blended with Jaggery and ghee. Typically prepared with robusta banana but any other sweet banana can be used instead. Banana Halwa can be served as an excellent desert for festival occasions or dinner gatherings.

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Mango-Coconut Jelly

On 4 September, 2016 By

A double layer jelly dessert recipe from my kitchen.   This preparation is packed with rich taste of Mango and goodness from coconut milk.It can be served more delicious with a scoop of ice cream and shreds of nuts at it top.

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There are several varieties of ‘payasams’-kerala rice pudding. The recipe here is an upgrade to the traditional Payasam recipe with a blend of rice and daal along with kerala spices. A great desert recipe for festival occasions and family gatherings.

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Healthy Ladoo

On 21 May, 2016 By

A healthy snack/dessert dish option for sweet  lovers. Here is a recipe for Ladoo/Ladu/Laddu – from multiple grains and sweated with palm jaggery. It is a perfect choice for low-calorie snack for children and elders. Can be preserved in normal temperature for 3-4 days and for weeks in refrigerator. 

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Here is the recipe of an excellent blend of words two most nutritious natural ingredients, in the form of a delicious smoothie!!. Papaya is well known for its numerous health benefiting nutrients and is one of the favorites of fruit lovers for […]

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Taste of Gods Own Country

The cuisine of Kerala is linked in all its richness to the land’s history, geography & culture. It has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and meat, which differentiate Kerala from rest of the main land.

Festival Dishes

Festival time is the time to simulate taste buds! It has no limitation on geographical or religious. Here is my recipe collection on the festival dishes. It’s a few now, but I will make sure to improve on the collections soon …..

Healthy Diet Kitchen

A healthy living starts from the Kitchen… For my kitchen I try to make my recipes suitable for a better diet way of eating, unless otherwise noted.

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