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Boli (ബോളി/போலி)   is a popular South Indian dessert dish, typically prepared during special occasions and festivals. It is an unavoidable dessert in marriages in Sothern part of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  Boli is served commonly along-with the sweet porridge, ‘payasam’. Preparation of Boli is a bit time-consuming hence needs to have some patience.


For filling:

  1. Chana dal  : 1 cup
  2. Turmeric powder : 2 pinch
  3. Cardamom powder : ¼ T-sp
  4. Jaggery powder : ¾ cup

For outer layer:

  1. All-purpose flour (Maida)  : 3/4 cup
  2. Sesame oil  : 2 Tbl-sp
  3. Water  : ¼ cup or adjust
  4. Salt :  A pinch
  5. Turmeric powder : 2 pinch


  • In a bowl, knead the outer layer ingredients (excepts oil) in to a very soft dough (looser than Chapati dough)
  • Now take a bowl, and pour the oil in it
  • Make gooseberry sized balls (~13) and dip it in the oil as shown in pic. Keep the bowl closed and keep it for about an hour
  • Cook the chana dal with enough water (do not overcook. To check take one or two pieces of dal and press it with your hands. If it will break easy, that is the right time to remove from the stove – see pic).
  • In a mortar or mixie, grind the chana dal along with the jaggery, turmeric powder and cardamom powder without water.
  • It should be thick otherwise the boli won’t shape make sure no water content.
  • Now make big lemon-size balls out of the mix (I got around 13 balls, to match to outer layer dough balls).
  • Take gooseberry sized balls from maida and spread it with your fingers, keep the channa mixture into the center, fold it and make a balls without any breaks.
  • Roll the balls into thin circle, dust it with rice flour for avoid sticking while rolling.
  • Heat a pan/tawa and carefully put the boli and let it cook for few seconds , can see some bubbles forming , sprinkle some ghee and flip it and cook it for another few seconds.

Boli Steps


  • The dough should be very soft to get soft Bolis .
  • Make sure no water content in the chana dal while preparing the dough.
  • While rolling and cooking  , handle carefully because it is very soft and it may break easily.

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