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Ariyunda (meaning “rice ball”), another authentic Kerala delight, prepared typically for festival occasions and family gatherings. These sweet semi-hard balls made of coarse grind roasted rice go well as a tea time snack or snacks.  The preparation uses boiled brown rice (well known to be “Kerala –rice”) for its authentic taste and texture. This relatively easy and quick make recipe can be preserved for days, typically for about a week without having much change in its hardness.


  1. Brown rice : 1 ½ cup
  2. Grated coconut  : 1 ½ cup
  3. Jaggery (powdered) : 1 cup
  4. Cardamom :2


  • Heat a thick bottom pan/ kadai (make sure no water content on the pan ) and add the rice along with the cardamom  and roast it until golden brown.

Chew a pinch of roasted rice and make sure it cracks instead of sticking, This is the right stage to switch off the stove.


  • Move the roasted rice to a wide plate and wait to cool completely.
  • Now grind it in a mixie, neither coarse nor too fine.


  • Add the jaggery, coconut along with the powdered rice in the mixie and pulse it for combining everything together

Put the mixie for one second and stop it and mix it thoroughly with a spatula, repeat it for another 2 times .

  • Transfer the mix into a plate and make medium sized balls out of it (small lemon sized).



  • Don’t use any water for the entire process.
  • Use Kerala brown rice for the traditional taste.
  • Pay extra attention while roasting rice, to avoid burning. For me it took about 20-25 minutes in medium flame.

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