“Appam” (Aaappam- അപ്പം) is one of the popular traditional breakfast dishes of Kerala. This soft and spongy rice dish goes great with side dishes like egg masala or kadala curry. Appam is a very special dish in Christian cuisines in festival occasions and is served commonly with non-vegetarian stews. The variants of this preparation includes Palappam, Kallappam, Vellayappam etc, based on the leading fermenting ingredients used. This time I share Palappam, where I used coconut milk (out of ground coconut) along with yeast for fermenting.


  1. Raw Rice- 1 cup
  2. Boiled Rice- 1/4 cup
  3. Cooked Rice (Any type , fresh)  –  ¼ cup
  4. Grated Coconut – ½ cup
  5. Yeast – 1I pinch (soaked in 2 Tea spoon luke warm water ~ 5 mts)
  6. Salt:  To taste

Batter Preparation

  • Soak the raw and boiled rice in water for 5-6 Hrs
  • Grind above rice along with  ingredients 3 to 6, to fine paste  to consistency (lighter to Idly batter , but thicker to Dosa batter)
  • Mix well with hand to make it uniform
  • Keep for fermentation for about 8 Hrs (Volume of batter should be increasing to ~double)


  • Use “appa-kadai” (bowl like) to make appam.
  • Apply oil after heating the kadai in medium flame.
  • Pour the ¼ cup of batter  and immediately swing the kadai such that the batter spreads in circle.
  • Cover the kadai in tight lid & cook for 3-4 mts
  • Use a small head-type spattle (Chattukam -ചട്ടുകം) to gently detach appam from the pan. (Note the appam could be sticky to the pan depending on the type of rice we use to make batter.)

swing the kadai such that the batter spreads in circle




Add more coconut for taste.

Light tender coconut gives more softness and taste.

May use coconut water in place of water, while grinding



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