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Cooking is my passion. I like doing it and experimenting to find delicious recipes. Sindhus Kitchen (Pepper2Salt.com) is my personal blog, where I share recipes I’m cooking in my own kitchen. I will put my best effort to post the recipes of all dishes, complete.  I’m a fan of the Kerala Recipes, and, I try to make my recipes suitable for a better diet way of eating, unless otherwise noted.   I’m a pretty active person in Facebook as well in Google+ media pages. I will try to post all of my post update in this website on to my social media pages.  If you’re on Facebook, “liking” the Sindhus Kitchen page is one way to be sure you’ll see every time a recipe is featured on this site. Another way to keep timely update from Sindhus Kitchen is to subscribe to my site, by registering your email ID using the “Subscribe to My Posts” option in the home page.



Answering Questions from Readers:
I love to hear from people who are readers of Sindhus Kitchen and will do my best to answer simple questions. If your question is about a specific recipe, please consider leaving it as a comment on that post so others can also benefit from the answer. I also like to get feedback tips for new experiments, to improve on my recipes.  Comments are open on all my recipes and posts. Constructive criticism is welcome, as all the followers are going to be benefited from that. Please ensure your comments are to the topic you are in, for the benefit of all who will be reading that recipe/post.


How to Leave a Comment:
To leave a comment, just scroll down to the recipe post and type in your comments.  Type the comment and then click  the“Comment” botton.   The comment will come to me in an e-mail and won’t show up on the blog until I publish it, but I will try to respond as quickly as I can. If you prefer to e-mail me directly, see the contact information at the end of this post.



How to Contact Me:

To contact me, send your e-mail to admin@pepper2salt.com (This address needs to be converted to normal e-mail format.)

You can also follow me at http://www.facebook.com/Pepper2Salt Or in Twitter https://twitter.com/Pepper2Salt_com


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